Earn a PhD in Geoenergy or Petroleum Engineering

The purpose of the PhD program at DGE is to enhance and implement your state-of-the-art knowledge and leading-edge scientific methods in the field of geoenergy and petroleum engineering sciences.

In each specialist area, it aims to further develop your ability to carry out independent scientific work. The final target is that you obtain a holistic and interdisciplinary view of relevant challenges and a substantial research performance which fulfills high international standards.

6 semesters
Full-time program

You have also to be introduced to the critical international professional world as soon as possible. It is expected that your research results will be published in international scientific media before you finish your studies. The program is therefore used to educate and support you as an up-and-coming scientist.

There is a particular focus on developing your ability to think in an interdisciplinary fashion, which then means that you as a graduate can function as link and intermediary between petroleum engineering science and the other sciences. Suitable employment fields include management activities in industry, business and administration, as well as science, research and development.

A PhD program at DPE will last over six semesters (equivalent 180 ECTS, from which 160 ECTS are reserved to write the PhD Thesis).

Within the context of the curricular part, you have to complete courses amounting to 20 ECTS points in the main subject in which the PhD is written and in a compulsory subject that is related to the PhD. You are obliged to make the selection of the courses at the beginning of the doctoral (PhD) program in agreement with the supervisor of the doctoral thesis. They must be authorized by the governing body responsible for study matters (‘Studiendekan’).