Research Areas

Encouragement in and focus on research are the key elements of successfully developing and implementing new, innovative technologies at DGE.

Based on leading-edge experience in the simulation of reservoirs, the monitoring and analysis of drilling data and improved production methods, new and innovative topics relevant in research as well as in lecturing. Cost efficient drilling systems, advanced measurement systems for the oil&gas industry and production from fractured carbonates requires establishing new ideas in existing markets. 

In addition, geothermal energy recovery or hydrogen storage in depleted natural gas fields are targeting new fields of application. New research laboratories and ‘well scale testing facility’ as part of the recently opened ‘Zentrum am Berg’ (ZAB) at the Erzberg are projected.

Cost Effective Drilling Systems

Digital Design and Manufacturing

Digitalization Lab

Well Integrity

Artificial Lift Systems

Coupled Processes Simulation


Geothermal Energy Recovery

Well Stimulation

Decarbonization and Energy Transitioning


Enhanced Recovery