How to Get a Scholarship

Montanuniversität Leoben does not offer scholarships for degree programs. However, there are numerous ways how financial help can be accessed.

In this section, you will find a list of scholarships that may be relevant to you. Do not hesitate to apply; some scholarships are not utilized to the full potential due to the insufficient number of applicants.

ExxonMobil Scholarship

Every year ExxonMobil offers scholarships to our Petroleum Engineering students.

Bachelor students, who need no more than 2 exams to get the Bachelor’s degree, and all Master's students can apply by submitting a short motivation letter, a CV and a transcript of reccords via e-mail to the Chair of Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Recovery (

Submission period: 01.07.2023 - 30.09.2023.

Merit Scholarship

Merit scholarship awarded by Montanuniversität Leoben serve to recognize outstanding academic achievements by students of regular studies with Austrian citizenship or persons of equal status in accordance with §4 StudFG. Merit scholarships are announced annually through the University Gazette (German: Mitteilungsblatt) and via students' mail. Application documents are to be submitted to the Chair of Mathematics and Statistics.

OMV Excellence Master Scholarship

OMV Group - Austria’s largest industrial company, offers several ways to get financial aid for studies in Austria.

OMV Excellence Scholarships:

  • Sponsorship of a cutting edge Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, combining practical experience and theory in interdisciplinary projects.
  • Sponsorship of a new double degree Master program on “Advanced Well Construction and Operation Technology” between Gubkin University in Moscow and Montanuniversität Leoben. .

Grant from Leoben City Hall

Students of Montanuni­versität Leo­ben receive yearly a grant when they register their principal place of residence for the first time in Leoben or maintain their principal place of residence there. 

  • For the first registration of the principal place of residence in Leoben: EUR 250 in the form of LE vouchers.
  • For every further academic year with principal place of residence in Leoben: EUR 100 in the form of LE vouchers.

State Scholarships

The Study Grants Authority awards government stipends to students who are financially eligible. The main service includes the allocation of study grants, which are paid monthly and thus give many students the opportunity to study. Eligibility for social support (basically depending on the income of the parents, family size and marital status) means not only a monthly study alowance, but also the possibility of claiming other grants:

  • travel allowances,
  • stipends for studying abroad,
  • grants for working students and
  • childcare subsidy.

These are just a few of all the benefits offered by the government of Austria.

Adolf Feizlmayr Scholarship

Adolf Feizlmayr founded this scholarship in order to support international students studying at Montanuniversität Leoben. The scholarship is announced once or twice a year through the University Gazette (German: Mitteilungsblatt) and students' mail. After discussing with a board of advisors, the rectorate decides on the size of the grant. Applications are to be handed in at the rectors office, according to the details mentioned in the email.

Best of South East Scholarship

"Best of South East" is a scholarship-program initiated by the Steiermärkische Sparkasse, in cooperation with Montanuniversität Leoben, University of Graz, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and TU Graz. It is a training and education program for talented and dedicated students from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Follow the link below to find out more information about this scholarship.

Marshall Plan Scholarship

The Marshall Plan Foundation awards scholarships to Montanuniversität students who want to go on a research exchange trip to a US partner university and to US visiting students at Montanuniversität. Priority is given to students in the final stage of their programme. They receive EUR 3,000 to EUR 10,000 for three to five months, depending on the duration and requirements of the study/research program.

EM. Hochschulprofessor Dr. Rudolf Posselt'sche Reisefond

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Posselt gives the university a travel scholarship, known as the Posselt'sche Reisefond. The aim of this fund is to provide financial support to engineering and mining graduates who are Austrian citizens and have graduated from their standard course at Montanuniversität Leoben with distinction. The scholarship is to be used to support student trips as part of scientific training for research activities. The Chair of Industrial Logistics provides information regarding applications.

Support Scholarship

The aim of the support scholarship is to provide financial aid to degree programme students for ongoing theses or dissertations that involve an above-average financial outlay (e.g. staying in a foreign country, participating in a conference, undertaking expensive research). Support scholarships are announced annually through the University Gazette (German: Mitteilungsblatt) and via email. Application documents are to be submitted to the Chair of Mathematics and Statistics.

WKO Scholarship

The Styrian Economic Chamber (German: Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark WKO) provides annual financial support for ongoing master’s theses carried out at Styrian universities or universities of applied sciences. The WKO scholarship is announced through the Rector’s Bulletin (German: Rektor Aktuell). Application documents are to be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Studies.

OeAD: Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education & Research

At, Austria's most comprehensive database for grants, scholarhips and research funding, you will find an overview of a large number of funding opportunities. Please note that there are hardly any grants for Bachelor students. Even an entire course of study in Austria is rarely supported.

Austrian Academy of Sciences

The long-term promotion of promising young talents is a special concern of the OeAW (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften­). In its research institutes, the academy offers a wide range of opportunities for doctoral students and researches. The Academy also promotes highly qualified young people outside of its own institutes by awarding scholarships and prizes.

Austrian Science Fund

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is Austria's central funding organization for basic research. Following the link below, scientists can find various funding opportunities for their projects, as well as grants to promote international mobility and scientific work.

Lower Austria foundation grants

This scholarship is offered to students with the main residence in Lower Austria. Follow the link below to find out more about this stipend.

Liese Prokop Scholarship

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) supports committed students who are entitled to asylum and who have achieved very good academic results and who do not receive any state funding in Austria.

European Funding Guide

With more than 12,000 funding opportunities and 28 filter criteria, European Funding Guide is the largest study funding portal within the EU. The project is being co-financed by the European Commission. For more information about this platform follow the link below.


Where can I find information about Scholarships?

Please consult Apply > Future Students > How to Get a Scholarship?.

Does Montanuniversität Leoben offer any scholarships for students?

Montanuniversität Leoben does not award any scholarships to students. However, there are various sponsoring organizations which offer financial support.

What are the requirements to get a scholarship?

The requirements vary for different scholarships. Please consult this page for more information.

How else can I finance my studies?

Every once in a while DPE and Montanuniversität Leoben offer part-time positions for students. Visit our job board and keep an eye on your student mail to see the available positions.

More questions? Ask Office Manager Elisabeth Koch!