Why Geoenergy Engineering?

Geoenergy Engineering, encompassing traditional petroleum engineering and innovative sustainable practices, offers an array of exciting career opportunities.

In today's society, hydrocarbons continue to be a dominant source of energy, essential not only for power but also for creating synthetic materials and various pharmaceutical products. Professionals in this field can find themselves working on drilling rigs in the Atlantic, navigating remote deserts, or exploring dense jungles. Opportunities also abound in major cities with international companies or in small towns as independent consultants.

Despite economic fluctuations, careers in Geoenergy Engineering maintain a higher-than-average employment rate. With growing demands for clean energy solutions, the field is rapidly evolving to include sustainable drilling, production processes, and the development of geothermal energy storage and recovery. These emerging areas promise a resilient and future-oriented career path in Geoenergy Engineering.

Job prospects

Work offshore to challenge yourself or apply engineering design in an office
Enjoy perks such as a high salary, adventurous lifestyle and lots of traveling
Get a job in a variety of countries around the world even in times of crisis

Broad education

Combine mechanical and energy engineering with geosciences
Deepen your knowledge in drilling, production or reservoir engineering
Venture into petroleum economics and business development strategies


Workforce is shifting to highly skilled specialists due to advancing technology
Knowledge is applied to obtain energy of different sources such as geothermal
New reservoirs are found while more efficient solutions increase production


State-of-the-art cross-disciplinary research leads to sustainable processes
New technologies enable eco-solutions such as Bio Enhanced Energy Recovery
Significant push for environmentally friendly processes and 100% recycling